Rainy days and Tuesdays…

It was raining buckets when I left Atlanta Tuesday, but instead of dreading the rainy two and a half hour drive, I was actually excited about it. As I looked out of my friend’s window at the rain and the sky, I remember thinking what a beautiful sight it was. I then imagined listening to Never Change, one of Elizabeth Berg’s books, during my below-speed-limit drive to Glenwood. So, I said my goodbyes, set my GPS (for speed and ETA), loaded my book and was on my way.

As I approached my exit in Dublin, I remembered the Saturday afternoon a year or more ago when I passed Beulah Baptist Church on Highway 19 a few miles from Glenwood. There was a car parked under the trees in the church yard and the driver, head bowed, appeared to be reading. It was a peaceful scene that I’ve longed to experience each time I passed but for whatever reason, I never stopped…until today.

Before exiting the freeway, I decided that today would be the day that I follow my inspiration to create that memory and as I type this, I’m parked under the trees in the church yard. It’s so peaceful here! It’s drizzling lightly with only the crickets and the occasional passing car breaking the silence. It feels good, and I’m really glad I stopped.

It’s been a few days since my stop at Beulah Baptist, and I’ve wondered since then why we so often procrastinate doing what we want to do, what we feel inspired to do it. Perhaps your reason is the same as mine: hurrying to reach the destination. What I discovered on my cross-country road trip, however, is that the journey to wherever can be just as enjoyable as the destination. When I’d leave my hotel room, I’d have a general idea about where I was going but I was always open to adventure and seldom was I disappointed.

Since I’ve been roaming around the country roads of home–some I’ve traveled many times before to and from Atlanta–I’ve been seeing them as if for the first time. I’m seeing houses that went unnoticed before; a flower-pot couple lounging beside the highway; and even a flock of goats grazing in the “field” between two houses. I’m so glad that I’m now appreciating the journey just as much–or more–as my destination and that I’m seeing all the things I missed before.

I’m also enjoying this time with my brother. He took me fishing a few days ago but that didn’t go too well; it was way too hot, the gnats way too many, and the fish biting too few. So for now, I’m putting away my fishing tackle until cooler days but in the meantime, I’ll continue capturing the scenic countryside in picture.