Saturday morning ramblings

It was chilly and windy morning, but the countryside was calling me l. I suited up, grabbed my camera, and answered the call. I went first to Little Ocmulgee State Park. The wind off the lake was COLD, and the water was choppier than I’d ever seen it.

I headed home from there by way of Hwy 341, this weekend’s Peaches to Beaches route. I slowed for the traffic but didn’t stop. I made a left further down onto SR-149 then a right onto County Road 173 after passing through Scotland.

I passed Davis Chapel Church Road but since I was in the mood to explore and had never driven it, I made a u-turn, went back, and hung a left. It’s a long, winding dirt road (my favorite kind), and I saw beauty all along the way. I backed up a few times to make pics.

Making a left onto Springhill Church Road, I headed to Hwy 19, stopping along the way to make pics. I must’ve been driving 35 or 40 mph so when cars approached, I slowed to let them pass.

At the intersection of highways 19 and 126, I crossed 19 and made a right onto Jordan Road, another dirt road. Yes, I was enjoying my dirt road cruise! A couple of miles later, I made a left onto Beetle Road (y’all know that’s another dirt road, right?), and followed it home.

Yes, gas is high right now and we’re probably all inclined to conserve and make fewer trips. But when it comes to roaming the countryside, cruising these dirt roads (or highways), and soaking up all that beauty, it’s worth every minute, every mile, and every dollar.

Drizzly, overcast, beautiful

I’m enjoying a quiet, drizzly, overcast morning at John Tanner State Park in Carrolton. The mama duck has her babies on the water, in and out of the marsh on John Tanner Lake and because I so rarely see them, I’m tempted to get on the swings. A quiet breeze through the trees while sitting by the lake: beauty.









Fall at Indian Springs State Park

Today was my first visit to my favorite park in several weeks. It was seasonably cool but the beauty and serenity overshadowed that as the breeze rippled across the lake and rustled through the trees; the birds called overhead; and healing emanated from the pines.

I captured what I could in pictures but the rest is better experienced in person.

Indian Springs State Park

Indian Springs State Park

Indian Springs State Park

Indian Springs State Park

Indian Springs State Park

Indian Springs State Park