Reading my journal

I decided a few weeks ago that I should keep my journals close to me instead of stored in my niece’s garage twenty minutes away. So last week, I retrieved my beloveds. I’ve  been reading one from 2011 and came across this entry last night. And because I catalogue my photos by place and date, I was able to find the pic I took that day in Indian Springs State Park in Flovilla, GA. 

July 6, 2011: I’m so grateful for this beautiful and serene place. God is here, and it’s evidenced everywhere I look…from the ripples on the water to the algae underneath, even in the fly that just lighted on my knee. The peace, the calm, the quiet are all indicative of how God desires us to be, and we can be if we’ll edge out ego instead of God. 

curious creature

curious creature

I just saw the most curious creature; it looks like an ant carrying a load of debris but upon closer inspection, it’s not an ant. Whatever it is, it’s carrying a load at least 100 times larger than itself. It crawled on the handle of my bag and when I tried to bump it free, it clung and didn’t budge. It was still for a few moments, but it’s on the move again now that I’m no longer bothering it. I can’t zoom in enough to get a good shot of it, but maybe it’s a bug camouflaged as debris, huh? Anyway, it’s more evidence of God in His awesome wonder.


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