My last day in Abu Dhabi

Sis and I headed out that Saturday morning to tour an organic farm she’d heard about. As fate would have it, we missed our turn and ended up roaming around Al Ain instead. I’m a farm girl, yes, but I was more interested in seeing more of Al Ain that day than a farm. Talk about excitement! I was like a kid in a candy store as we encountered scene after scene of wonderfulness. A friend suggested earlier today that I was probably wishing I had three sets of eyes, and I had to agree. The road ahead and the scenes to my right were covered, but I dare not think of all I probably missed on my left as we road along. I captured all I could, but there’s nothing like experiencing the beauty and uniqueness of this country in person. I was filled with joy as I bore witness, and I hope you’re able to feel some of it as you view these pictures.


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