Our desert safari

Our safari afternoon began when we met our driver at Al Jimi Mall. For the next half hour or so, we admired the dunes and date trees along the highway.

Off the highway, we caught sight of a caravan of camels crossing the desert road ahead of us.

At our desert oasis, we kicked off our shoes and walked barefoot in the sand and despite the heat, the sand was cool between our toes.

During the dune bash, our driver took us on a high-speed ride up and down the sand dunes—some steep, some not so steep—sometimes taking us to the very edge of a dune where it looked as if we might fall off!

During the ride, we stopped to make photos and climbed atop a dune. My niece and her friend, not allowing the thought of the climb back up to deter them, decided to run down the other side. And yes, the walk, which was more of a crawl for one, was indeed a struggle!!

The girls went quad riding while sis and I stayed behind to photograph them.

Camel rides were available, too, but we declined. Bellowing its displeasure, one of the camels made it clear that he wasn’t up for giving any rides, and the one person who insisted was not so politely disembarked.

Another highlight of the afternoon was the henna painting. I’d seen others wearing henna tattoos, but I’d never had one myself. Now, I’ll be sporting mine for the next several days.

Before dinner, we were audience to a falcon show. Our host gave us the history of the falcon, which is the UAE’s national bird, before the trainer demonstrated the falcon’s hunting procedure.

A highlight, too, was being photographed wearing the traditional abayas, burqas, jeweled headpieces, and necklaces.

After sunset, we convened to our tent for dinner then watched a “rags to riches” documentary about the history of the United Arab Emirates while sipping chai under the stars.

What an adventure!


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