To market, to market and a few other things

We left mid-afternoon Sunday to grocery shop, a task we procrastinated doing Saturday. After a day spent seeing Hili Archeological Park and Hili Oasis, our visit to an Emerati home, the mall, and dinner, we were simply too pooped for the market.

Our first stop was the Souq Al Zaafarana marketplace in Al Jimi where they sell everything from fruit and vegetables to shoes and handicrafts. We purchased produce from several independent venders who were all selling pretty much the same thing. The cabbages were huge and the ginger root so beautiful it made me swoon!

From the Souq, we went to Lu Lu Hypermarket where they sell everything…except maybe grits and baking soda, this time anyway. Ava has purchased grits there before. The advice is if they have that thing you like, you’d better stock up because they may not have it again for a while.

I looked for my beloved baby Lima beans but didn’t find any so I decided to try their broad beans. I haven’t cooked them yet and neither have I drank the camel milk I purchased.
I will, though.

We arrived around 3 pm but didn’t leave until 7:30! Yes, it was that kind of shopping—from home goods to electronics and groceries. We also spent about thirty minutes catching up with a colleague of hers.

Included here are a few pics I snapped at the market. Some are of products I’ve seen in the U.S. but with a twist here. Others I’d never seen.

Fragrance is big here, too—citrus, rose, and lilac scented tissues, for example. I passed on that, though, and purchased my usual: tissues with lotion. Downy fabric softener is marketed with fragrances that make you “Feel Elegant” and “Feel Relaxed”. Hmmm, I wonder if that’s while doing laundry or after?

Also included are photos of Hili Oasis and Hili Archeological Park.












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