An afternoon with my nieces

As my nieces embark upon another leg of their adventure today (to Bali from Abu Dhabi), I’m reminded of the afternoon I spent adventuring with them in Indian Springs State Park. We’d been to that park many times before, but we found something new to explore that day.

My Cross-Country Road Trip & Beyond

After a full day of activity Saturday—I visited a friend I hadn’t seen in over thirty years—my nieces Savanna, Ceilene and I piled into the Jeep and headed to Indian Springs State Park, the oldest state park in the country. It was a beautiful afternoon so the park was packed with visitors when we arrived. Fortunately, one of my two favorite tables was available so we soaked up some sun at the water’s edge while Savanna snapped a few photographs. A short time later, we abandoned our table for a stroll through the park. Spotting a boulder in the lake a few feet from the shore, they waded through the water and posed for pictures.

As we headed to the spring to fill our cups, I remembered the cemetery I discovered several months ago and made a U-turn. I expected their reluctance to explore but was surprised when they seemed…

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