Gone fishing

‘Gone fishing’…that’s what the sign on my door would’ve read yesterday. My brother GB and I headed to the pond around 8:30 and didn’t return home until almost 4:00.

It was a wonderful day to be out—it was sunny, fluffy clouds adorned the sky, and a wonderful breeze dried the occasional sweat from our brow.

We shared the pond with cows that mostly rested in the shade but those that grazed took dips in the pond before returning to their spot under the trees.

The cows, birds, dragonflies, clouds, and reflections on the pond made focusing solely on fishing impossible. The dragonflies, plentiful and colorful, alighted on my fishing rod and lingered long enough for me to make photos. I finally just draped a camera around my neck and snapped to my heart’s content, but I shudder to think of the fish I might’ve missed as my rod lay on the bank unattended. But it was worth it.

Aside from some great shots, my only other catch of the day was a bream. It was small, though, so I left it in the pond. My brother, on the other hand, caught two bass, a pittance, he says, for six hours effort.

There was talk yesterday about going again this morning but brother didn’t wake me so maybe we’re trying again this evening.



One comment on “Gone fishing

  1. Ava says:

    Beautiful shots! The girls and I must come on your next trip.

    Liked by 1 person

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