What is this thing?

It’s 30 degrees today, the ground is covered with ice yet I’m compelled to venture out, cameras in tow, to capture the beauty that’s in the ordinarily ordinary.

What is that thing that awakens me on a cold rainy morning, calls me to grab my cameras and hit the road before daybreak, donning long johns, sweats, coat, hood and slicker to feel the cold on my face as the wind and rain envelope me in a cold yet soothing embrace?

But perhaps that’s it—the closeness I feel to God, the satisfaction it brings to a soul that sometimes yearns to feel a palpable connection to the Divine, that sees Him in the beauty of nature be it on a bright, warm, sunny day, or a day that’s freezing cold and wet.

I hear the call, and I answer. But today, because the roads were icy, I contented myself with the beauty that was around me.


One comment on “What is this thing?

  1. Gede Prama says:

    Very interesting, Have a wonderful day 🙂


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