Writing and reminiscing

It’s been a year since my cross-country road trip ended and after almost nine months on the farm, I’m back in Atlanta and have been reading my blog. I’ve been viewing pics this morning, too, and they’ve put me in the feeling space of those moments and again, it’s indescribable! Here are a few pictures I took in Washington state on Queen Anne Hill and the Space Needle in Seattle; at Jimi Hendrix’s gravesite; at Snoqualmie Falls; on Whidbey Island at Meerkeek Rhodendron Gardens and Deception Pass; on Chuckanut Drive; on the road to Mt. Saint Helens and Leavenworth; and in Kennewick.


6 comments on “Writing and reminiscing

  1. Great photos my friend. Do you miss it?


  2. Carla says:

    I admire u so much for going on that roadtrip & doing what makes u happy. The photos r so beautiful.


  3. Ava Jones says:

    Beautiful indeed.


  4. Kenneth Gwynn says:

    Hi you are on a journey that’s God looks through your eyes


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