Afternoon at Bunker Hill

Dog at Bunker Hill Covered BridgeThis is a picture of the dog I encountered on the trail to Bunker Hill Covered Bridge in Claremont near Winston-Salem, NC. After spending the morning in Old Salem and a brief stop at Murray’s Mill, it was early afternoon when I finally arrived and aside from being woody, the park was also deserted, except for this dog.

I was tempted to abandon my quest when I met her, but I had spent too much time and traveled too many miles (I didn’t have very good directions from Murray’s Mill) to find this covered bridge so I couldn’t just walk away. What I decided to do then was make friends with her. We talked a few minutes, and she allowed me to take this photograph before disappearing. I looked for her on the trail to and from the bridge but like a ghost, she was nowhere to be seen.

Trail to Bunker Hill Covered Bridge

Bunker Hill Covered Bridge


2 comments on “Afternoon at Bunker Hill

  1. Ava says:

    Cute! Nice pictures of the bridge but where is the dog?


  2. Ava Jones says:

    OK, I see the dog. Looks like a cool and peaceful place.


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