Sunday in the Park

Today was a beautiful day for a walk so after an early dinner, big sis and I hit Bowles Ford Park up the street. Steps into my first lap, I realized that I’d left my camera at the house so my phone camera would have to do.

Lyn and I walked and talked for awhile, but I kept stopping to take pictures. She was serious about her walk and while I was, too, I couldn’t pass up a shot so she finally went on ahead.

Among the pictures I captured was the yellow flower standing tall and regal amid the green scum clinging to the surface of the water in the woods across the fence. How triumphant it looked!

Heading into my third lap, I spotted the swings. Unable to resist, I didn’t leave the park until I’d soared to my soul’s content.

Life is grand!20130310-202854.jpg









Afternoon at Bunker Hill

Dog at Bunker Hill Covered BridgeThis is a picture of the dog I encountered on the trail to Bunker Hill Covered Bridge in Claremont near Winston-Salem, NC. After spending the morning in Old Salem and a brief stop at Murray’s Mill, it was early afternoon when I finally arrived and aside from being woody, the park was also deserted, except for this dog.

I was tempted to abandon my quest when I met her, but I had spent too much time and traveled too many miles (I didn’t have very good directions from Murray’s Mill) to find this covered bridge so I couldn’t just walk away. What I decided to do then was make friends with her. We talked a few minutes, and she allowed me to take this photograph before disappearing. I looked for her on the trail to and from the bridge but like a ghost, she was nowhere to be seen.

Trail to Bunker Hill Covered Bridge

Bunker Hill Covered Bridge