It’s been a year!

Twenty-five days and this year’s annual Zora Neale Hurston Festival will be underway in Eatonville, Florida. I was reminded of this fact while reading my cross-country road trip posts on Facebook earlier today. I downloaded all of my content using Facebook’s archive feature and have spent the last few hours reliving the trip. It’s amazing how a word, sentence, or song can instantly transport you to the feelings of a moment in time, isn’t it? I’m loving it!

It’s evident in all of my posts that I was bubbling with excitement about my trip, but it’s clear, too, that I seem to have lost touch with that excitement. I suppose that’s what happens as life moves on and we allow other challenges to take the forefront and bring us down. Thankfully, we get to choose at any moment to change our perception of whatever challenges we might be facing.

But back to the subject of this post. It was on January 2, 2012 that I began my five-month sojourn across America, and I couldn’t allow January 2, 2013 to pass without a mention. Even though my trip ended in June, I’ve continued to share about my local jaunts and road trips. I’ve explored home like never before, visiting places I knew about and discovering others I didn’t. It’s been a wonderful experience, and I hope you’ve continued to be inspired.

When I started my blog, I didn’t include many pictures. I am, however, putting together a pictorial to chronicle my journey, but for the benefit of followers who didn’t have access to my Facebook albums, I’m including a couple of pictures from each month of my trip with this post.

Now, who’s up for the ‘ZORA! Festival 2013’ from February 1 – 3?


4 comments on “It’s been a year!

  1. Ava says:

    Wonderful! I love your comment,”we get to choose at any moment to change our perspective”. Thank God for that. So many of of our challenges have to deal with our mindset. We have the ability to change. We are given today to change. Thanks.


  2. Casey O. says:

    Loving the photos!!


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