After spending the afternoon with my brother roaming around the countryside, visiting cousins, and eating garden-grown tomatoes, I sat with my laptop to find pictures of butterflies and dragonflies that I’d taken while on the road or here in the country. In the process, I came across the pictures I took while in Boise, Idaho and was reminded of the wonderful couple of hours I spent there.

I had passed Boise before realizing that I’d missed the state capital so I doubled back to photograph it. On my way out of town, I stopped for the restroom and discovered the Boise River flowing through the campus of Boise State University. What a thrill that was!! I parked next to it, grabbed my cameras, and headed to the river. The occasional student walked by but for the most part it was quiet and very peaceful. The water flowed rapidly and various trees and flowers lined the riverbank. I even came across a cluster of mushrooms unlike any I’d ever seen. The scene was absolutely beautiful! Or maybe it was the energy I was feeling that made it seem so. But what made it even better was discovering later that others were experiencing that same engulf of energy at the same time that I was.

I was headed to Provo, Utah and really needed to be on my way but that warm, peaceful energy kept me glued to that spot. I walked back and forth along the river, pausing occasionally to stare at the water as it flowed to its destination. I snapped photo after photo of the water, the trees, the flowers and the spider that rested on one of the park benches. I kept thinking that I needed to go but I simply couldn’t pull myself away.

With renewed spirit and energy, I reluctantly made my way to the car almost two hours later and was on my way. A few hours later, I was crossing Snake River Canyon on the Perrine Bridge, 486 feet above the Snake River, into Twin Falls, Idaho. I discovered while at the bridge that Twin Falls was the site of Evel Knievel’s 1974 motorcycle jump across Snake River Canyon.

Directions in hand, I headed to the jump site the next morning but was unable to get as close as I’d have liked but while snapping photos of the canyon, the river and jump site, I engaged an elderly gentleman who was out for his morning walk to tell me about Knievel’s jump. He didn’t live in Twin Falls at the time of the jump but shared what he knew about it. We talked for over an hour, too, about his trucking job, his California home, and his retirement to Twin Falls as well as politics and the price of gas.

While spending the afternoon with Aunt Ida Mae Sunday, we watched Tyler Perry’s ‘The Family the Preys’. It’s a great movie and aside from those last dramatic scenes, I especially enjoy the road trip scenes. I sat there Sunday smiling and reliving the freedom I felt being on the road. Aunt Ida Mae, my daddy’s sister who kept track of my journey, said, “That’s what you did, isn’t it?” and I wistfully replied, “Yes, it is.”


3 comments on “Reminiscing

  1. Ava says:

    Awww how sweet! Memories are wonderful!


  2. Charles Smith says:

    After all these years of knowing you, I never knew that you were this close to nature.


    • Judy660 says:

      Yes indeed! I love being out there listening to the birds and the bees, sitting by the lake, leaning against the pines, smelling the flowers, and walking barefoot in the grass. It’s wonderful!


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