My journey continues

It’s been almost a month since my road trip ended but my head is still in road-trip mode and since I couldn’t seem to settle, I decided to head to the country to explore the country roads where I grew up. The roads were always there, of course, but I never felt a need to see where they led, or it could have been because I was always on the way to somewhere else: to school, church, or to the fields to work. But in addition to the roads around home, I’ve branched out to see places in the area that didn’t seem to exist back in the day.

I’ve been down on the farm for over a week now and my brother GB and I have twice enjoyed the beauty of the lake at Little Ocmulgee State Park in Helena. We’ve been surprised by the history and the display of life on the farm at General Coffee State Park in Nicholls. We’ve been amazed at the history of Scotland as revealed in the Scotland Museum; we never knew that it was once called McVille, or that there was a big flood in 1925 that forever changed the cities of Scotland, Towns and Lumber City.

We’ve also roamed the paved and unpaved roads of Wheeler, Telfair, Jeff Davis, Montgomery, Toombs, Coffee and Tattnall counties. We’ve retraced the school bus route, except for Argo road, and wondered where everyone ended up these many years later. Our visit to the Scotland Museum led to a visit with a schoolmate I hadn’t seen in over 30 years. Later that same day, I ran into three other schoolmates who I hadn’t seen since high school graduation in 1979 and despite time and changes, they recognized me instantly. While at the local–and only–library for wifi, the woman across from me told me about the street dance and fireworks that Alamo sponsors for Independence Day every year.

Surprisingly, I’m really liking it here and since my stroll down memory lane while looking through my high school yearbook, I’m looking forward to more of those encounters….encounters I avoided in the past, by the way. Wow, what a difference a day, or several months on the road, makes!

I’ve lived in Georgia all my life but since returning from my trip, I’m seeing it as if for the first time. I compared it to other states while on the road and while it came up lacking, Georgia really is a beautiful state. There’s nothing like a change of scenery to change your perspective, is there? This weekend, I’ll be in Savannah for a birthday party and am curious to see how it will look through my new eyes as my journey continues.


4 comments on “My journey continues

  1. I really like this, I am feeling the same nostalgia. Looking at it all through different eyes for sure. Now you were hobnobbing through the areas where I will be doing a great deal of family history research. Continue to see the beauty around you and most importantly stopping to appreciate it all.


  2. Donna Lynn Young says:

    Lydia, i have been “following” you along the way and i have found memories beyond my belief, ones that had put back for my latter years. Your comment about Georgia brought back one from my first trip abroad. Georgia does have everything you could want in life, and it often takes a travel away to find it, and it is awesome! I hope to hear more of your travels, and thoughts. May God bless you daily, Lynn


    • Lydia Bess says:

      Hi, Donna! I’m really glad you “followed” me on my journey and that I was able to stir a few of your own memories. I’m still enjoying my visit to Savannah and have stopped at a couple of places I either didn’t notice in the past or decided to check out later. Thanks for keeping up with me and sharing your thoughts.


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